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In a world that is chaotic and demanding, proactive action to offset lifestyle and environmental stressors is essential to rebalance, relax and revitalise.

The AirPod provides an effortless and unique wellness experience that triggers a physiological response to provide this respite and rejuvenation.

By providing an increase in oxygen to the cells in a pressurised environment, the AirPod supports the body’s own healing process, increases energy production and improves the health and wellbeing baseline.

With the introduction of molecular hydrogen, the AirPod Hydroxy provides the ultimate anti-oxidant to selectively target harmful ROS which may assist in the prevention of degenerative conditions.


We recommend activewear or something you will be comfortable in for the duration of the treatment.

Mindbody Lounge is Perth’s premier Health, Wellness and Peak Performance facility. Our state of the art lounge will see you performing and feeling at your peak from the moment you enter.

The AirPod Oxygen therapy is a safe, non-medical wellness device that delivers a 35% increase in oxygen delivered under three pressure settings of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 ATA.

Under increased pressure, oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma leading to higher amounts of oxygen being delivered to the body’s tissues, organs and brain to aid repair, regeneration and relaxation.

Emerge feeling an increase in energy and stamina, improved recovery, increased wound healing, improved alertness and mental acuity, improved sleep, improved skin, accelerate sports injury recovery, boosted immune system, decreased inflammation and swelling.

Airpod Oxygen Therapy Wellness Perth
Airpod Oxygen Therapy Wellness Perth
Airpod Oxygen Therapy Wellness Perth
Airpod Oxygen Therapy Wellness Perth




Mindbody Lounge Wellness Perth



What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy utilises a pressurised environment under atmospheric pressures greater than 1.0 atmosphere absolute.

The pressure used in the AirPod (up to 1.30 ATA) increases the availability of oxygen in the blood plasma.

What are the potential benefits of Airpod Therapy?


The AirPod helps reduce swelling and inflammation to assist with post-treatment recovery.

    • Post treatment recovery
    • Soft tissue injury repair


The AirPod offers effortless wellness to those who experience stress, sleep deprivation and other harmful lifestyle burdens.

    • Recovery from stress, jet lag, fatigue and burnout
    • Improves concentration and mental clarity
    • Restores healthy sleep patterns
Are users required to wear a mask?

No. For additional safety, the AirPod does not add extra oxygen into the pressurised environment. Therefore, an oxygen mask is not required.

What is the user experience like?

Mild pressure (1.30 ATA) is pleasant to a wider range of users compared with a traditional hyperbaric chamber.

It is recommended you wear loose, comfortable clothing.

The AirPod will reach maximum pressure within five minutes during which time you clear your ears the same as you would on an aeroplane. There is adequate space to sit upright or to lie down comfortably. Take a book or magazine into the chamber, meditate, listen to music, go on your laptop, iPad or iPhone or simply fall into a deep sleep.

Each treatment typically lasts for 60 minutes and you can then carry on with your day as planned being fully energised and enjoying mind clarity.

How many treatments will I need to get outcomes?

Oxygen therapy is a cumulative therapy and the number of treatments you may wish to complete depends on your condition. The optimum protocol for the AirPod is to complete your first 5 sessions within 7 – 10 days.

Is it safe to use on a regular basis?

Oxygen therapy is a safe, drug-free therapy that can be used regularly without any danger of oxygen toxicity. Thousands of people have had dramatic and in many instances life changing improvements in their conditions because of using oxygen therapy.

No dangerous side effects have been reported with oxygen therapy, however, some individuals can experience a few minor contraindications such as slight fatigue as the body detoxifies (this is safe and necessary).

A person can also experience a mild discomfort to the ears when pressurising the AirPod similar to the experience of ascending or descending in an aircraft.

Does the user sit or lay down in the capsule?

The AirPod can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. Due to product weight, more than one person is
required to relocate the unit.

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