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Matt’s passion for a Triathlon career began in 2009 at the age of 20. 2009-2012 as an Age-Group athlete racing predominately in long course/ironman distance events. Since 2013-dedication and success has continued, attaining Professional Triathlon Australia, Ironman and Challenge branded licenses. 

Matt has had a short Professional Career with great results including; an Ironman PB of 8hours 7minutes (Ironman WA 2018) and a Half Distance PB of 3hours 42minutes (Challenge Malaysia 2018). Further to these metric Pbs, multiple Ironman and Challenge Podiums as well as several Bike Course records across varied distance triathlons globally and ITT cycling events within WA.

Brayden Ainsworth

Brayden has spent the last four years in the AFL system with the West Coast Eagles, giving him the opportunity to experience elite performance and all the expectations that come along with it. Brayden uses the services in the lounge on a daily basis to aid with his recovery and performance, to compliment football training at Perth Football Club. Cryotherapy and BrainTap are his go-to sessions to manage injury and support peak performance.

Kellie Gibson

I am Kellie Gibson I’m 25 years old and I play for the West Coast Eagles in the AFLW. I came across MBL on Instagram, and I thought this would be a great recovery resource I can use during our gruelling pre-season and in season program.

I spoke to Andrew, and he was kind enough to show me around explaining all the different recovery methods and how they are beneficial in aiding my recovery. Right now,  I enjoy using cryotherapy and hyperbaric chamber.

Cryo provides me with another chance to recover my muscles after a main session on the track, but it is particularly helpful before game day I definitely feel less heavy and sore after I have been in there. Although, I do enjoy laying down and listening to a podcast while in the chamber too, I always feel so alive and replenished after using these services.

Chloe Potter

Chloe is just a breath of fresh air with an authentic and holistic approach to life. Although battling a chronic illness, she is unapologetically honest and certainly inspiring to anyone else dealing with health issues that affect their day-to-day life. ⁠

Due to her constant challenge of living with a chronic illness, Chloe felt drawn to MBL for our commitment to ongoing health & wellness and the benefits from using our cutting edge, amazing equipment & treatments.

If you’re needing some healing and somewhere quiet to just let go and relax, MBL is the place. Her favourite go-to services to assist with pain, inflammation and sleep include Cryotherapy, Compression and Infrared Sauna.

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